The Second Day

Less intimidating than the first, albeit equally overwhelming and confusing at times.

I teach only 3rd year middle schoolers at my “main” school (the one I was at today), and I think I’ve realized they’ll be much harder to reach in terms of getting them interested and engaged with learning English. Although there are always at least a couple that have questions and want to interact with me.

After one of my classes today, a girl shyly approached me (with her friend close behind her, I assume for moral support since speaking English to the English teacher is probably scary) to tell me that she does taekwondo just like I do (something I’d shown them in my introduction PPT). I’m hoping with time, more of the kids will become comfortable speaking English with me in and out of class.

Side note: I must admit, it’s pretty fun and adorable to walk through the halls of the school and have students respond to me in one of three ways:

1) Shout “Hi! Hello!”

2) Murmur, “Oh, pretty! Beautiful!”

3) Freeze in shock and/or hide behind their friends as if I’m a monster emerging from the lagoon

I also had a kid bow to me continuously and keep getting in my way to bow until a Korean teacher yelled at him. Heh. Little punk. (Actually, more like big punk because he was definitely at least 6 inches taller than me.) (When did middle schoolers get so BIG?)


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