Things that made me smile today

In no particular order:

  • Multiple middle school boys asking for my phone number. “Teacher… can I have your number?” or just “Teacher… telephone number!”
  • Teaching some of the kids the meaning of “gotcha” (as in “I understand”). Actually, I said it accidentally when one of the kids was explaining his drawing to me, and he said, “Teacher, what is ‘gotcha’?” After I explained, he and his friends asked how to spell it and said it repeatedly for the next 5 minutes. I definitely need to have a lesson on slang sometime.
  • One class that basically cheered, oohed and aahed at everything I said in my self-introduction like it was the coolest thing they’d ever heard.
  • When one of the girls told me T.O.P. from Big Bang [Kpop band, not the American TV show] is her husband, I agreed that I like T.O.P. too… and then my co-teacher (middle aged and married) chimed in unexpectedly, “I like Daesung!” We all enjoyed that.
  • The 3rd year boy who said his dream job is to be a teacher – “like you,” he emphasized, looking at me pointedly. “A teacher LIKE YOU.” Cute.

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