Part of my introduction lesson this week has been asking the kids to draw pictures of their favorite food, their dream job, and their hobby. Then they practiced introducing themselves in English to their classmates in pairs, groups, and then to the whole class.

I’ve had students this week tell me they want to be a…

Webtoon artist


Stage designer

Demolition worker

Computer programmer


History writer/novelist

Good mom/good dad

P.E. teacher







Patent attorney … (Granted, we did have to have the co-teacher help us figure that one out. He knew very specifically what he wanted to be, and “lawyer” was too general an English word. So the CT translated and we found the right title.)

I’m really impressed by the range of careers these kids aspire to. I also love the artwork some of them created. Here are a few of my favorites.

20150304_135237 20150304_13520120150304_145229 20150306_113930  20150304_135128 20150304_104926 20150304_103658


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