Kid quote of the day

We’re still doing self-introductions at my smaller school this week and next week. Consequently, one of the 3rd year boys and I had this conversation today:

Him: “Teacher, I want to be… 백수!” (baek soo)

Me (wearing my best I-don’t-understand-but-keep-trying-and-I’ll-get-it face): “What is… baek soo?” (I glance at what he drew – a man with Zs coming out of his mouth) “Oh, sleeping? Your dream job is to sleep?”

Him: “No, 백수. 백수.”

After several attempts and even with the help of his classmates, neither of us could figure it out, and so we gave up temporarily. (The co-teacher wasn’t around to translate for us either.)

I get back to my desk after class and type it into Google Translate… 백수 = unemployed.

Hahahaha. I had a good laugh over that one.


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