Korean Technological Wizardry (or, the Korean pace of life)

The textbook I use at my main school comes with a CD.

The classrooms don’t have computers in them, just big TVs (which confuses me; I guess the expectation is that every teacher has a laptop and HDMI cable).

My laptop doesn’t have a CD drive.

The CD content is not on the textbook’s website or anywhere else on the internet that I could find.

At this juncture I thought I had reached an insurmountable obstacle and would have to teach class either without the CD or with someone else’s laptop.

However, yesterday morning my co-teacher whisked away my laptop before I even knew what was happening. Half an hour later, another co-teacher asked me to type the password to unlock my screen into the instant chat with the IT guys. Okay. I complied. An hour or so after that, the first co-teacher came to get me, took me to the IT room, and there sits my laptop with the CD content magically installed. With just an hour to go before my first class that would require the CD.

Is it just me, or is this a metaphor for life in Korea?


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