Bits and Pieces of my Week

These are some of the little things that happened this week or little thoughts I had that seemed too trivial to post by themselves… and/or I just didn’t get around to it.

*     *     *

This week marked the start of “real” lessons from the textbook at my main school, and hence necessitated some handouts, hand-cut by yours truly. With 10 classes and 36 kids per class, I had my work cut out for me… or rather, I didn’t (heh). It went something like this:

Me cutting up the first set of worksheets: *cuts one piece of paper at a time* “Okay, let me make sure every piece is exactly even with all the other pieces and all the edges are straight and there are no jagged parts. It has to look PERFECT.”

Me cutting up the gazillionth 50th(?) worksheet: *tries to cut way too many pieces at once resulting in extremely jagged edges* “Oops, I just cut off the end of that word. Eh, they’ll still be able to read it, right?”

*     *     *

I almost caused a riot in one of my 2nd year classes the other day… with my dazzling beauty, apparently.

Male Student #1: “Teacher, beautiful.”

Male Student #2: “No. She is my girl.”

The co-teacher then had to go break up the impending fight (and fit of giggles from all the surrounding kids) while I turned away biting my lip hard to stop the laughter.

Student #2 also fist pumped when I said I don’t have a boyfriend, waited for me at the classroom door afterwards, and in spite of the CT trying to keep him after class for his mischievousness, he found a way to catch up to me as I walked down the hall and insisted on carrying my books and other materials back to my office for me.

(I swear I’m not letting this go to my head… I’m perfectly aware that I’m not the gorgeous and fascinating celebrity that my students think I am. Although I’m thinking the transition back to being an average and ordinary human being at home will be kinda sad. Also, the sobering thought arises: what would teaching here be like if I didn’t fit the students’ definition of “pretty”? And anyway, I don’t want the kids to like me just because they think I’m pretty – actually, I mostly just want them to like learning English.)

*     *     *

My co-teachers, a couple in particular, continue to go out of their way to help me out with things far beyond the call of duty. One of them took me to a famous Daegu bakery and bought me breads and pastries to take home and stock my cupboards with; she also walked me to the nearest Catholic church because she’s Catholic too and she wanted to make sure I knew how to get to Mass on Sunday. She spent over an hour of her personal time just to help me out. It’s so sweet.

*     *     *

The kids are really trustworthy, I’ve noticed. One of our activities this week involved a game with coin-flipping, so I carried some baek won coins (basically dimes) to every class and gave them to groups that needed one. Every single class returned every single coin to me by the end, even if I forgot to ask.

…Which impresses me on a whole different level, considering the amount of haphazard coin-throwing that went on. Many a coin was fished out from under someone else’s chair or the corner of the room. Many a “Teacher, sorry. Sorry, Teacher!” was spoken.

*     *     *

Korean boys LOVE League of Legends. Like, really really really love it. (One of them asked me if I play it. Um, no.)

And the girls love EXO. Behold:


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