The Most Dreaded Part of My Morning

It’s 6:20 a.m. I’m standing in my bathroom about to turn on the shower. My shower, like the shower in many Korean bathrooms, is connected to my sink. There is no separate stall, meaning the bathroom IS the shower stall; there’s a drain in the floor, and everything that isn’t covered gets wet. Which is totally fine – I don’t have a problem with the setup.

What isn’t so great is that my shower head works for 20-30 seconds at a time before losing its water pressure and slowing down to just a tiny trickle.

Even that wouldn’t be so bad except that the water also gets completely cold within those 30 seconds.

Hence, the thing I dread most every morning is that moment after I’ve used the first 20ish seconds of hot water and have to stand in the bathroom, shivering, waiting for it to recharge so I can repeat the process.

It could be worse, though. Some hot water is better than no hot water. And it won’t be so bad in the summertime. But for right now, on these cold winter mornings, I would really love a long, hot shower.


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