When is an encounter with foreign cops a good thing?

…When one of them is your former rescuer. I was walking home from school today and noticed a cop car parked nearby. I thought nothing of it until I saw the car rolling up alongside me out of the corner of my eye, and then heard a voice call out, “Madeleine!”

I turned and lo and behold, there was my officer friend from my eventful Night 1 in Daegu. I haven’t seen him since that night, but I recognized him at once. He was waving and grinning at me from the passenger’s side window, and then extended his hand, so I hurried up to shake it and greet him, “안녕하세요!” (annyeonghaseyo, the polite way to say hello). I was shocked that he remembered my name (but then again, how often does a foreigner get lost and end up in the police station here?).

He had clearly told his coworker, the driver, about my story – he said something to the effect of “She’s the one from that night” I think. The other officer asked about my nationality, and I told him (in Korean) that I’m American. They complimented my Korean pronunciation. Then I thanked them and said goodbye and they drove off. I wish I had the vocabulary to tell him specifically “thank you for helping me that night,” but I’m hoping my gratitude came through anyway.

So, I guess I have an ally in the local police force now. That’s pretty cool.


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