K-pop Artist of the Week: SHINee

The SHINee boys.

Group Name: SHINee (샤이니)

Members: Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key

Company: SM Entertainment

Profile: SHINee (pronounced ‘shiny’) debuted in 2008. The members are currently all between the ages of 22 and 25. SHINee goes a little heavier on the makeup, a little more metro with the styling and the dance moves. Fun fact #1: Key (far right in the image above) was born in Daegu, which is where I live now. Fun fact #2: SHINee bought the rights to Corbin Bleu’s song “Deal With It” in 2009 and rewrote it as “Juliette.”

Music Videos

“Lucifer” (2010). Quintessential SHINee. The costumes, the makeup, the choreography, the set. I feel like when people think K-pop boy band, this is the kind of thing they think of.

“Sherlock” (2012). A fun song with a fun music video. I didn’t like it at first, but it grew on me. Just wait… you’ll be singing “Oh – I’m – curious – yeah – I’m – so – curious,” too.

“Dream Girl” (2013). A colorful, visually attention-grabbing video. The song isn’t my favorite, but I think the video makes it worthwhile.

Bonus video: SHINee’s dance practice video for “Sherlock.” Sometimes watching the dance practice videos these groups put out is even more interesting than the music videos themselves. You get to see the dance routine in its entirety, without all the makeup, costumes, lighting, stage, and editing. Even a K-pop skeptic has to admit that these routines take a certain amount of talent and quite a lot of hard work, sweat, and teamwork. You may scoff at K-pop, and you’re free to do so… but hey, I’d like to see you pull off some of those moves sometime.


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