Day brighteners

As an example of using the phrase “I’m thinking of [doing something],” I told the kids “I’m thinking of going shopping this weekend.” One of the boys then said, “Teacher, 같이 가요!” (katchi kaiyo), which made me laugh because it means “let’s go together.”

Side note: how many people actually say “I’m thinking of doing X / I’m thinking of going to Y” when they’re considering a future activity? No one, that’s who. It’s frustrating sometimes that the textbooks often have such unnatural expressions as the target language, but that’s what we have to teach because that’s what’s going to be on the test. /rant

*     *     *

After a particularly intense Jeopardy game with one of my classes last week, the 2nd place team (which had been tied with the 1st place team but lost the tie-breaker) called me over to their group and wailed mournfully about not getting candy: “Teacher, sad Friday.” “Teacher, I cry.” They are so goofy.

*     *     *

My 3rd years at my small school are studying “What would you like to do in the future?” / “I want to be/do…” So I had them writing down some things they would like to do in 10 years. A cluster of boys in the back started laughing and snickering, so I went back there to find one of them writing something on his friend’s paper. Said friend hastily erased it as I approached and said solemnly, “Teacher, this is un-appropriate.”


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