Tales from the Classroom

This week I tasked my 2nd years (13/14 year olds) with creating their own step-by-step instructions for a simple task. They were allowed to choose anything as long as they followed the step-by-step format (first, second, third, etc.).

I got a lot of the usual stuff like “How to make ramyun,” “How to make coffee,” “How to draw a tree.” One group came up with “How to draw the Korean flag,” which was pretty cool.

But today I had a particularly creative/funny class, and here are some of the instructions they came up with:

How to breathe

1. Breathe in

2. Breathe out

Fair enough.

How to poop

1. Find a restroom

2. Sit on the toilet

3. You need power!

4. Wash your hips

I’m sure you can imagine the giggling that ensued when this group read their list. I think we need to work on body part vocabulary, though, since hips is not quite the area that needs to be washed.

And here is my favorite:

How to make the teacher angry

1. Stand up

2. Sing and dance

3. ‘Cut the cheese’

4. Run up to the teacher and shout “peekaboo!”

5. Run away

This led to a very serious discussion of “cut the cheese,” “fart,” and “break wind.” As in, my co-teacher wrote these expressions on the board and explained them in Korean. It was very entertaining for everyone involved. Especially me.


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