K-pop Artist of the Week: JJCC

20150328_164729  20150328_161807 20150328_161502

Group Name: JJCC (제이제이씨씨)

Members: Prince Mak, Eddy, Sanchung, E.co, Simba

Company: The Jackie Chan Group Korea

Profile: This is a very new group formed, yes, by Jackie Chan. Their name, “JJCC,” stands for Jackie Chan and Joint Culture. Prince Mak is actually Chinese-Australian and Eddy is Korean-American, and the rest are South Korean. The reason I’m making them the K-pop Artist of the Week is because I saw them live this weekend in Hongdae, Seoul. Because they’re a newer group and not very well known yet, they’ve been doing guerrilla concerts on the streets of Hongdae every weekend this month. I didn’t know the group before going to the concert, and I wouldn’t say they’re my favorite; still, it was fun to see a live performance in a more intimate setting like this. Also, it was nice because the two English-speaking members of the group were able to translate for the foreigner audience.

Unfortunately, I did not take video of the concert because my phone was dying, but here are the music videos they have released (they performed all of these songs at the concert).

Music Videos

“Fire” (2015).

“At First” (2014).

“BingBingBing (Oneway)” (2014).


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