A Whirlwind of Activity

I’ve missed a few days of posting lately.

Things have been getting a little crazy here for me, and I’ve been burning the midnight candle oil at both ends (yes, I mixed my metaphors, because that’s just how extreme it is!).

Last week I had to navigate my way to two different schools in Daegu for lesson observations of other NETs (native English teachers). This took away from both class time and lesson planning time. (On Wednesday I literally grabbed a taxi back to my school, ran up the stairs and pretty much straight into the classroom just in time to start class. Whew!)

Additionally, I started a teachers’ class yesterday at my smaller school. It’s supposed to be a conversation class so some of the teachers can practice their English in a less formal setting. However, only two teachers showed up to the first session – a low level Korean language teacher and my basically-fluent co-teacher. We ended up sitting around a table and talking, but it was more like the co-teacher acting as a translator between the other teacher and me. Not ideal.

Not only that, but although I only teach 22 hours’ worth of classes per week, I have to create 7 new lessons every week because of juggling two different schools, two after school classes, and a teachers’ class. Combine that with worrying about my mixed level classes and low level classes and how to modify for them, and I’ve been more than a little stressed lately.

I’m hoping that once I become a little more experienced with lesson planning and teaching, I’ll be able to cut down on the time it takes me to plan.

So, this is just a boring update post to explain why I’ve been posting a little less frequently. I do have some topics I want to talk about, though, so those posts should be up soon.


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