Life is Hectic

Need I say more?

It has become increasingly difficult to find time or topics to post about as my life both speeds up (in terms of workload and busyness) and calms down (in terms of settling in and things beginning to lose their glamorous newness – although I still love life here).

However, here are a few things that have given me a little boost lately when I feel a bit discouraged:

  • There is a special needs girl in one of my low level 1st grade (12 yr old) classes. She’s quiet, but during my class with her she whispered to me that she likes pepperoni pizza and wants to be a barista. Afterwards, my co-teacher told me that she never speaks in class in Korean, let alone in English, and thanked me for helping her open up.
  • A few days later, I met that girl as we were both walking to school, and she stopped with a little smile of surprise and said “Oh, saem! Annyeonghaseyo.” (Teach! Hello.) She even responded to my “How are you?” in English. It was sweet.
  • Last week as I approached one of my classes, two boys came pelting down the hallway to meet me. One of them said “Teacher, can I help you?” and eagerly took my laptop, HDMI cable, and other materials out of my arms to carry them into class and set them up for me. The other shouted joyously, “Teacher, escort, escort! Come this way please! Follow me!” and gallantly guided me to the classroom. As I thanked him, he yelled “My pleasure, my pleasure!” Too, too funny.
  • This morning I was walking past all the kids to go around to the back entrance of the school, as usual, when I heard “Maddy!” I turned around and one of the kids gave me a cute little smile and wave. Doesn’t hurt that he’s already one of my favorites. (Shh, what? No, I totally don’t have favorites! What are you talking about?)

I will try my utmost to post more regularly again… but just like the nature of life in Korea, I make no promises and offer no hints as to what’s next.


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