Droopy eyelids and other problems

This has to be my sleepiest day yet. I had never actually been in danger of falling asleep at my desk in the last 7 weeks, but here we are in the midst of midterm week and I have done the jerk-awake-without-realizing-I-was-falling-asleep thing at least three times. A huge built-up sleep debt and an afternoon without classes will do that to a person, I suppose. Thank goodness I have my after school class in half an hour to wake me up.

While it’s nice to have an easy workload this week in terms of lesson planning due to midterms, I’m really truly sad that I won’t get to see my Thursday and Friday kids. Also, 8 hours of desk-warming in the office doesn’t sound all that appealing. There’s only so much lesson planning a person can do at one time before going stir crazy.

I can feel that the kids have been in a slump the last couple weeks, and even some of my really good classes have been running out of steam. I’m hoping that after midterms (and the holiday weekend on May 1st), both they and I will get a little boost and be able to push through to summer break.

We can do it!


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