K-pop Artist of the Week: Boyfriend

It’s Sunday again, folks, and that means K-pop Artist of the Week time. Apologies for missing last week!

Helloooo, Boyfriend. Prettier than most girls™. Just kidding, they didn’t trademark that… or did they?

Group Name: Boyfriend (보이프렌드)

Members: Hyunseong, Kim Donghyun, No Minwoo, Lee Jeongmin, Jo Kwangmin, and Jo Youngmin

Company: Starship Entertainment

Profile: Formed in 2011, Boyfriend started off with a really cutesy, pretty-boy concept (see the first video posted below) but have changed their look in recent years to be a bit more… vampy? They’re not necessarily one of the most popular boy groups out there, but they have risen in the ranks quite a bit. Fun fact: the two extremely delicate-looking, saucer-eyed boys with matching faces (Kwangmin and Youngmin) are indeed twins. (Bonus fun fact: you should know they’re at least related just by looking at their names – they share the family [last] name, Jo, but they also share the “middle” name, Min. In Korea, siblings are often given the same “middle” name.)

Music Videos

“Boyfriend” (2011). Their self-titled debut song is over-the-top cute. They look like adorable pre-pubescent anorexic cherubs. I mean seriously, they could practically be one of my students (and most of them were teenagers at the time, still in high school!). Still though, don’t you just want to pinch their adorable smooth cheeks?

“Janus” (2012). Easily my fave Boyfriend song. Here’s where we get a little vampy with the music video (costumes, set). As far as the story, I actually have a little bit of insight this time! Janus is a Roman god depicted as having two faces (the god of beginnings and transitions). They use the twins in the video to portray those two faces in a good vs. evil sense, I think. Not sure about the role of the girl who dumps both twins, though. Love the choreography for this song, too. Those body rolls. And the chorus. “You’re not a bat girl.” (Yes, it’s actually “bad girl.” Yes, it’s more fun to sing “bat girl.”)

“Witch” (2014). Another vampy, dark video. Our boys play vampires or werewolves in this one (there are two theories), complete with creepy fangs and color contacts. Some people think the video’s story draws from Red Riding Hood (hence, wolves) while others think it’s more vampire-slayer-esque.

Bonus video: “Obsession” dance practice (2014). You know I love me some K-pop dance practice videos. They’re fascinating to me. So much hard work, so much teamwork, so much eye-dazzlingness. (In this particular one, they have backup dancers… just remember, the members of Boyfriend are the ones dazzling your eyes, and the backup dancers are the ones who look like ordinary people.)


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