Pre-class jitters

So I’ve officially been doing this whole Native English Teacher thing for eight weeks now, going on nine… yet I still get pre-class jitters as I walk down the hall towards whatever classroom I’m headed to. Especially today, because I haven’t seen my kids at the big school for a week because of midterms. I’ll probably be even more jittery before class on Thursday, because those kids I haven’t seen for two weeks.

I don’t know that I want to get rid of that feeling, though. I like to be a bit nervous beforehand because it gives me some adrenaline to be energized for the class (and just as with teaching taekwondo back home, if I give 100%, they give me 50%… so I have to give 200% if I want them to be fully engaged). Besides, the anxiety melts away once I see their faces and start talking with them.

*     *     *

It’s quiet(er) in school today because the 1st graders are on a camping trip, so we’re missing a third of our students. The 3rd graders get a field trip tomorrow, which they’re pumped about (and hence, very NOT pumped to sit in the classroom on this muggy, gray day).

It’s yet another thing that is different from in the States. To my knowledge, middle schoolers don’t (aren’t allowed?) to go on overnight camping trips with just their teachers and their classmates. Right? Is this a thing in America? I don’t believe it is. Correct me if I’m wrong.


2 thoughts on “Pre-class jitters

  1. Jennifer Woznicki says:

    Hey Maddy
    On your question about camping. Yes Caleb’s 6th grade class went on a trip in fall. With just teachers and the principal. I thought it was weird but he had a great time.


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