Back into the swing of things

Isn’t it true that the longer you’re away from work, the more you dread going back? Rationally, I knew I missed the kids and wanted to see them again – and I kept reminding myself of that last night – but I just wasn’t feeling it.

But of course, as soon as I entered the office and the classroom again, it felt like I’d never left. And the kids worked their charms on me and made me happy to be here again.

I’m a bit stressed this week trying to juggle upcoming schedule changes – cramming two lessons into one class period, playing catch-up with one class, working ahead with another. It’s a bit confusing. I have a million little notes to myself to try to keep track of what I’m teaching and when and to whom, but it’s still been a challenge.

Also, after this Friday, I’m going to miss two weeks straight of my Friday classes due to Sports Day and Club Day. This is incredibly sad to me because I love my Friday classes.

Complaining aside, here are a few fun conversations from today:

I asked my 2nd graders to create a dialogue using the expression “Have you heard about [person]?” (It’s essentially a gossip lesson, although I didn’t call it that.) One group came up with the following:

“Have you heard about Princess Peach?”

“No. What about her?”

“She is very fat.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

Ouch. Sorry, Peach.

My 1st graders are learning how to give directions (although the A levels already know most of the vocabulary). They were supposed to be practicing the very basic dialogue from the textbook: “Can you tell me how to get to the bakery? Can you tell me how to get to the pet store?” “Go straight / turn left / turn right. It’s on your left/right. You can’t miss it.”

I came up to one of the tables and one of the boys said to me, “How can I get to the USA?” “Go to Incheon Airport,” I said. “How can I get to Incheon Airport?” “The KTX.” “How can I get to the KTX?” “A taxi.” “How can I get to the taxi?” “A taxi station,” chimed in one of his classmates.

That’s all for today.

Side note: I type this while breathing through my mouth and sweating like nobody’s business because the office is so hot and stuffy (and, thanks to the changing of the seasons, my nose is also stuffy). Daegu’s weather is about as bizarre as Wisconsin’s, seemingly, because it’s been all over the place. At night it gets down to the 50s and I’m freezing when I wake up (because I leave my windows open for fresh air), but by midday it climbs back up to nearly 80. What the heck, Daegu. Make up your mind.


2 thoughts on “Back into the swing of things

  1. ketaninkorea says:

    I know how you feel. I loved the four-day break I had, and it was very relaxing. I was also somewhat happy to get back to work because I do miss my students and feel productive. Today sucked, but luckily we have a three-day work week 🙂

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