Just a typical Monday

This is why I love working with kids. You can’t really dread Monday when you have these types of conversations to look forward to.

In my 3rd grade class, I gave them a worksheet for opinions, like “I think _____ is the most delicious food” and “I think _____ is the best singer” (which they would then use as a reference to ask their classmates, “Do you agree with me?” since we’re talking about agreeing and disagreeing this week).

One of the boys asked me, “샘, 이름이 뭐예요?” (“Saem, ireumi mwoyeyo?” – “Teach, what’s your name?”) “Maddy.” “Spelling 뭐예요?” “M-a-d-d-y.” And then I found out why as I collected his worksheet… The question was “I think _______ is the prettiest actress.” Guess whose name he put there. ^^ Aww. And I’m not even an actress.

Another girl in that 3rd grade class insisted that I help her cross out “prettiest actress” and replace it with “most handsome actor” so she could write Chris Evans. “Teacher, Captain America!” Haha. I mean, he is pretty handsome, to be fair.

Started teaching the giving directions lesson to my B-level 1st graders this week. I went up to one of the troublemakers during dialogue practice and prompted him, “How can I get to the school?” “Here! Here is school!”

Well, he’s not wrong.

It’s always funny when the students get confused about which teacher they should call for help with something, and what title they should call that teacher. I usually respond to “Saem” as well as “Teacher,” but so do my CTs.

Hence, it often happens that one of them shouts “Saem!” or “Teacher!” and the wrong one of us turns around. Then there’s a cute moment of confusion as they stumble to find the words they want – “No, hanguk saem” (Korean teacher) or “Maddy Teacher!” In one class where I have a male co-teacher, I had the kids say “No, no, man teacher, Mr. Teacher!”

And finally, another narrative about poor Princess Peach in the 2nd graders’ gossip lesson:

Have you heard about Peach?

No, what about her?

Peach have a baby. Peach is love. Peach is pretty. I love Peach.


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