Sluggishness and guilt trips

We essentially just came back from a 4-day weekend – the kids had Club Day on Friday and Monday was Buddha’s birthday, a national holiday, so there were no classes Friday or Monday. So yesterday and today, they are soooo sluggish and soooo don’t want to be here.

The 90 degree weather isn’t helping anyone perk up, either. (And aren’t we lucky… the forecast for the rest of the week only shows those temps rising – 93, 95, 96… and we haven’t even hit June yet! Holy crap.) Maybe I’ll stay at school till like 7 p.m. just so I can walk home after sunset when it’s cooled down at least a little bit.

Anyway, here is my heart-wringing (no, that is not an accurate English idiom; no, I do not care) guilt trip of the day from my students: Last week one of my teams did really, really well at answering questions but they didn’t earn enough points to get candy. This week, they were so close to winning but they didn’t quite make it.

That was already bad enough because I always feel so sad when the kids who put forth the most effort don’t get the candy, but then one of the girls came up to me and showed me what she wrote on her worksheet earlier in class: “I think the most delicious food is Twix which from teacher.” Aauugh. So. Much. Guilt.

My after-school class this week was about weird animals. I gave them a quiz, showing pictures of real-life strange animals and fake (Photoshopped) strange animals and making them guess which were real and which were fake. They loved it. (And there are some weird looking animals out there… blobfish, anyone? Scorpion fly? Red-lipped batfish? Axolotl? But I digress.)

Then I made them come up with their own weird hybrid animal and fill out info about its habitat, diet, abilities, etc. They had a blast with it (which was pleasantly unexpected; I was a little nervous that they’d think it was dumb or childish).

Here’s my favorite creation from the day:


The Pencorpitopustird, ladies and gentlemen.

P.S. Yesterday my teachers’ office turned on the A/C in our room only… it felt like heaven. Until I stepped out into the hallway and died a thousand deaths from oppressive heat.


2 thoughts on “Sluggishness and guilt trips

  1. American Mom says:

    LOL love that creature! I read it carefully to fully understand all the parts of the name, haha!

    And goodness, just give EVERYONE candy one time, OK? My heart is wringing for them.


    • Maddy says:

      I plan to save up to get them all a treat of some kind at the end of the semester. ^^ Still have to figure out the logistics of hauling 360+ pieces of candy to school, though.


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