Art in short films

Happy Monday!

I’m always searching for high quality short animations with little to no dialogue that I can use in my classes for various activities. Today I stumbled across some really lovely films that are more art than animation. I doubt I’ll be using them with my classes (most of my kids aren’t quite at the level to be discussing complex themes and ideas), but I thought I might as well share them here.

“Gravity” by Ailin Liu

I love the ambiance and art style. The description says the piece is about “temptation and addiction.” If you’ve ever experienced struggling to resist a temptation of any kind (which I suspect most of us have), perhaps you can relate. The only thing I wish I could change about it (me being my optimistic self) would be the girl taking a stand against the temptation in the end, instead of being whisked away (consumed?) by it. Although I suppose that’s sort of the harsh reality about some addictions.

“Thought of You” by Ryan Woodward

Sweet and sad. The song is beautiful and the animation style is beautifully simple. I think it’s so cool to combine four art forms – drawing, animation, dance, and music – into one piece.

“BLIK” by Bastiaan Schravendeel, Jean-Paul Tossings, Sander Kamermans, and Piebe van der Storm

A bit longer and a very different style from the previous two, but I like it. I enjoy the choice to leave the characters’ faces blank; instead of reading the emotions plainly from their expressions, we absorb those emotions from the body language and the context. I also think the blank faces give it more of an artsy feel, rather than a cartoony feel. (And perhaps also give the viewer a bit of a blank canvas, so the emotions are open to individual, subjective interpretation.) And the story is so cute and relatable. Young unrequited love.

There are many more similar animations on that YouTube channel, Mad Artist Publishing, but these three were my favorites of the ones I watched.

That’s all, folks. I’m back to grading speaking tests. Enjoy your Monday, and I hope some of these animations give you a little upliftedness.


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