GIF attack (Korean Men edition)

This post is just me indulging myself with some Korean eye candy through the wonderful magic of GIFs. Because I want to. Because Monday.

Click through if you dare…

(Ladies, beware… once you enter the realm of Korean-guys-being-cute-GIFs, it’s hard to leave… and from there you’re only a small step away from being sucked into the addicting vortex of K-dramas. You have been warned.)

We’ll start off nice and slow… nothing too crazy…

Oh… probably shouldn’t have started with a Lee Min-ho wink. That wink has triggered many an explosion of ovaries, I assure you. Then there’s the dimple-ridden smiles…

The lip-biting…

And don’t even get me started on the lip-licking-and-biting combo. Oh my.

Speaking of lip-biting…

This, ladies and gentlemen (mostly ladies), is Lee Jong-suk. Korean model, actor, and general cutie patootie. The number of adorable GIFs he produces is endless.

I’ve never seen anyone BLINK cutely. Until now.

That smile though.

If you’ve seen this drama (Dr. Stranger) and know the character he plays in it, this GIF will be even more hilarious.

He looks like a sleepy cat here. Adorable.

Okay, this one isn’t in the adorable category, but I love an expressive face. Someone who has a wide variety of (sometimes subtle) facial expressions is always attractive to me.

And this one… omg. Adorable overload. Hey little girl, wanna trade places?

Okay, I will reluctantly tear myself away from the Lee Jong-suk section of Tumblr in order to introduce some other swoon-worthy guys. Here is Kim Woo-bin, another model/actor whose eyebrows have their own Tumblr page.

To be fair, those are some pretty majestic eyebrows.

The laughing… too adorable.

And the winking again… help.

And finally, my absolute fave: Lee Soo-hyuk. Model turned actor. Endlessly deep brown eyes. Legs for days. Oddly Grecian nose. (Shh, some people may say it’s plastic surgery but I prefer to think he was just born that gorgeous.)

Those eyes. So. Deep. And just look at those cheekbones.

Holy crap.

Look at this perfectly arched eyebrow.

And that smile. So cute!

Oh my.

Oh dear.


No, really. Help.


*scrapes self off floor*

Okay, I’m stopping now for the safety of my ovaries and the maintenance of my professional outward appearance at work. I’ve already had to do the quick-tab-switch maneuver multiple times so my co-teachers couldn’t see what I was drooling over.

If you’re interested in seeing more of these handsome fellas in action, check out Hulu, Viki, or DramaFever; they all offer full episodes for free. It was thanks to Hulu’s Korean Drama section that I originally got hooked, and from there I branched into Viki and DramaFever for even more selection.

I’m considering creating a new page on this blog exclusively dedicated to K-dramas, K-actors, etc., and perhaps then I’ll post a list of my top K-drama recommendations. But for now, this post is going up on the main page. Sorry, non-K-drama-fans and non-cute-Korean-guy-fans.

But wait…

before you go…

just one more…

^^ Happy Tumblring!


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