Take a minute…

…and remind yourself of how beautiful life on this planet is.

This gorgeous song, “Praan,” was originally composed for the 2008 version of “Where the Hell is Matt?” – which, if you haven’t seen that video yet, what are you waiting for?? Go watch it right now! It’s amazing. Seriously. And watch the 2006 and 2012 “Where the Hell is Matt?” videos too. 2008 is my favorite, but all three are soooo cool.

In case I didn’t sell it enough to get you to click through, Matt Harding travels all over the world and dances a goofy dance, and sometimes he’s joined by locals. And it’s set to awesome music. And it’s mega cool. And you should go watch it. Right now. I’ll wait.

. . .

Did you watch them?

If you watch all three, you see the development from merely a video about doing a silly dance in cool spots around the world to a video about global connection and human relationships and breaking cultural barriers through dance and music. It will give you all the feels, I promise.

Have a lovely day.


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