Just 2 things

1. Yesterday I lugged a huge cardboard box of Sunkist juice (glass bottles!) and a grocery bag full of snacks and cookies into my school for my last after school class. Did I splurge on a taxi so I didn’t have to haul that stuff on the 25-minute walk to school? Yes. Did I look ridiculous struggling to get those two things plus my normal laptop bag up to my office? Oh yes. Was it worth it when I saw my kids’ faces as I pulled out snacks and drinks? Most definitely. They were truly thrilled.

And then one of my students surprised me with this:


Hand-drawn on regular paper and then carefully cut out. It took her 6 hours.

So sweet. And so talented!

2. I was having a bit of a dreary class with some 3rd graders at my small school today; most of them were kind of checked out towards the end of the lesson even though we were doing fun things.

Then I decided to finish up by showing them the OK Go “The Writing’s on the Wall” music video, which I’ve written about before. By way of introduction, I asked them, “Do you know what optical illusions are?”

“Yes” (read: No).

So I grabbed my whiteboard marker and wrote: “착시.” “Chak-shi, right?”

Immediately 99% of the class were wide awake and a chorus of impressed “Ooooooh, Teacher!” broke out.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that capture their attention the most.

And that feels pretty good.


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