It’s hot. I’m bored. Here, have a GIF.

Or two. Or twelve.

(This is what happens when I’m deskwarming: I end up on tumblr, wading through the infinite abyss of GIFs, mindlessly consuming one after the other like a ravenous GIF zombie. “This is your brain. This is your brain on deskwarming.” Haha.)

Seriously, though. My small school has a field trip day today, so no class for me. Which means I’ll be spending 8 hours in the office. I actually don’t mind; it gives me a chance to prep my summer camp materials (next week is summer camp and I’m doing a BBC Sherlock / detective theme – hopefully fun, but also a lot of prep work). Plus, at this school I share an office with one of my most awesome co-teachers, just the two of us, so that’s cool.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of the Sad and the Serious lately, so how about some of the Happy and the Lighthearted? And completely random, of course.

So relevant to my life. Also, Chris Pratt most definitely lost a lot of weight.

Hahahaha. What was going on with that tongue, though, Obama? For reals.

Obama with a lightsaber. Also hilarious.

Bahaha. Love it.

So true.

And I’m gonna leave it at that for today. Have a fantastic day.


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