Keeping those desks cozy, part 2 (in which I brave the icy tundra)

Well, it’s Day 2 of deskwarming for me (I’m not counting my 3 days of summer camp since I had something to DO on those days). Here’s a little play-by-play of the action around here. Mainly temperature-related, since the “action” consists of the other teachers and me sitting at our desks, clicking idly away.

Hour 1: Hmm, it’s a bit uncomfortably warm in here.

Hour 1.25: The Vice Principal is always very concerned about ensuring that I get some coffee in the morning. Not gonna complain about that.

Hour 1.5: This office is officially a sauna. Nobody else is sweating like a pig? Just me? Okay.

Hour 2: OKAY, PEOPLE, NOW THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS. You can wipe my puddly self off the floor later, after you decide to turn on the a/c.

Hour 2.5: Ah, look, students are here to vacuum and dust the office. I’m sure that’s exactly what these kids want to be doing on their summer vacation. Did they get detention or something? Is this a punishment? No, those are good kids. Why can’t they get the window-evacuator in here to clean something?

Hour 3, Minute 1: Aaah, yes! Thank you Teacher-who-I-don’t know. Crank that a/c. It’s so nice…

Hour 3, Minute 2: …and cold… oh, wow, that is some cold air.

Hour 3, Minute 3 and beyond: Cold air is blowing directly into my eyeballs. I’m squinting like a bag of nails, to use an obsolete phrase. My eyes are watering like a dog lover watching Marley & Me. The hair on my arms is standing straight up. No joke. Feels like I’m navigating the icy tundra in here.

Pretty much me right now.

Maybe it’s some kind of therapeutic spa treatment… you know how they make you sit in the sauna, then plunge into ice water, then sit in hot water again? So I’ll just step out into the hall a few times and come back in, and it’ll be good for my health. Or something.

That’s all for today, folks. Hoping your day and your circumstances find you more moderately climatized. TGIF.


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