K-drama related links

For watching dramas…

Viki – You can watch any of the dramas for free. A paid subscription means no commercials and HD.

DramaFever – Free and basically the same as Viki, but occasionally the selection is different.

Hulu – Another good place to find dramas. Used to be my favorite, but sadly it is no longer free.

For recaps and discussion…

Dramabeans – This is THE place to go for all your latest K-drama news. Recaps are plentiful, witty, and well written. The comments section is always buzzing if you feel like gushing (or ranting, as the case may be).

Kdrama Laws – If you’re looking for a more detailed understanding of how things work in the K-drama universe, here you go.

Problematic of the Unproblematic – These ladies’ recaps (or squeecaps, as they call them) are hilarious but occasionally NSFW. Particularly hilarious if you’ve suffered through some of the disastrous dramas that they’ve capped, such as Age of Feeling.

On the similarities of K-drama plots and Jane Austen style romance…

Check out this blog. I totally agree with this theory. If you like the love story of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, you’ll probably enjoy watching Joo Joong-won and Tae Gong-shil (Master’s Sun) or Do Min-joon and Cheon Song-yi (You from Another Star). Needless to say I’m a huge Jane Austen fan as well as a lover of K-dramas.


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