Things to be happy about

– Realizing that in the first couple weeks alone of next semester, several lessons from my various textbooks overlap with key expressions so similar that I can essentially reuse my lessons (be it crossing over lessons from last semester at my small school to this semester at my main school or vice versa, or the fact that the 1st graders at my main school might be learning a key phrase almost identical to the 2nd graders at my small school). Less work for Teacher = happy Teacher indeed.

– Being productive enough during my day of deskwarming to feel satisfied by the end of it rather than lethargic and bored.

– This heavenly creation from the most adorable coffee-flower shop combo I’ve ever seen (okay, the only coffee-flower shop combo I’ve ever seen, but whatever, it’s adorable ‘kay?):


Yes, a brownie sundae with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and almonds.

– Surviving after eating this:


Bottom: dried fish. Middle: raw beef. Top left: unidentified squishy cow part. Top right: the 3rd part of a cow stomach, according to Google (and the only thing I would not try).


Close-up for your viewing pleasure. Question: why is the 3rd part of a cow’s stomach SPIKY? I was convinced it was some kind of venomous sea urchin.

In case anyone is wondering, the raw beef tastes quite inoffensive, even good, and I’m told it’s very high quality, expensive, and famous in Daegu. Foodies would probably love it. I, however, am not a foodie and could not get past the extraordinarily squishy chewiness. Texture is a huge make-or-break factor for me.

The unidentified string-cheese looking cow part was also mild and inoffensive and mostly tasted of the sesame oil sauce it was in.

I cannot speak for the spiky cow stomach. That will have to wait for another day when I’m feeling a bit more adventurous.


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