Is it Friday yet?

No? Dangit.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my job. But my new schedule causes me to think it’s Thursday when it’s still only Wednesday, which makes the week seem so much longer. And that is just not cool.

Plus, we’re already talking about open class at both of my schools, and no one likes open class. NO ONE.

Real quotes from middle school boys this week:

Regarding the North Korea scare early in the week:

“Teacher, go America quickly! North Korea!” … then, at the end of class: “Teacher, don’t scared, okay?”

So cute.

“Teacher, you so pretty. I so handsome.”

There may have been some implication in this statement, but I chose to ignore it.

Student: “Teacher, our class is best right? Other classes are just dumb.”

Me: “Um… maybe!”

To be honest, that class is pretty awesome.

Usually when we practice a dialogue, the partners are one boy and one girl because of the seating arrangements. Today, two boys wanted to practice the dialogue together instead, because you know, girls have cooties and stuff. To convince me, one of the boys cried:

“Teacher! You think I girl, okay?”

He proceeded to read his part in a very high-pitched voice. My co-teacher and I lost it.

I asked the kids to practice making excuses when someone asked for something. They were supposed to start their excuse with “I’m sorry, but ______.” Here’s what a few of them wrote:

“Can you come to my party?” “I’m sorry, but I can’t. I hate you.”

“Can I please use your cellphone?” “I’m sorry, but your hands are dirty.”

And finally, one of the 2nd grade girls came by my office to chat yesterday and tried to convince me that kiwi fruit comes from a kiwi bird. “Kiwi bird, cut, open, eat!” She knows quite well that it’s not true. What a goofball.


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