Things I’ve heard this week

The fun never stops when you’re teaching Korean middle schoolers.

Today I walked into my 1st Grade Class from Hell, and was greeted by the most naughty of all the naughty boys with the following:

“Welcome to hell!”

Wow, kid, you took the words right out of my mouth. LOL. Thankfully, the school hired a new Korean English teacher this semester and she is my co-teacher for that class now, and she seems to have worked some teacher magic on them. The “welcome to hell” boy sat quietly and did his work for the whole class. In my book, that’s more like “welcome to heaven.”

Some of the 2nd graders were in my office to clean, and out of nowhere this occurred:

“Teacher! She – bad girl! Bery bery bad! Bery bery strawberry bad!”

“Very Berry Strawberry” is a Baskin Robbins ice cream flavor. (It remains a mystery as to why she was “bery bery strawberry” bad.)

I asked a boy and girl to partner with each other to practice a dialogue.

Boy: “Teacher, no! She is… she is the devil!”

I highly doubt that.

Boy (cleaning the office, speaking to my co-teacher in English): “Teacher, I’m tired.”

CT: “That’s too bad.” (continues ordering him about what to clean next)

She is too awesome.

The cleaning trauma continues… one of the kids just walked into my office (which connects to the English classroom that he was cleaning), heaved a sigh, and said:

“Very tired. I go… hell!”

Hmm, he might be unclear on the concept. Or maybe a bit of dusting and sweeping really does make him feel like he’s in hell. Hahaha.

In other news, today I confiscated an eerily realistic “cigarette” that one of the boys had made from a scrap of rolled-up paper and was pretending to smoke during class. Aigoo. I hope it’s merely an innocent mimicking of something he perceives as “cool,” not a reflection of something he’s already doing.


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