Rainy days

I love them. The weather in Daegu has become a strange rollercoaster of quite chilly in the morning (55-60 degrees), moderately hot during the day (75-80), and quite chilly again after sundown.

As someone from a state that gets extremely cold in winter, I’m ashamed to admit that 55 degrees feels really really cold now. After months and months where the temperature never fell below 80, even at night, the sudden 30ish degree drop makes me feel like it’s the dead of winter when I step outside in shorts and a t-shirt.

But I still love it. Fall is such a lovely season. I love opening the window and letting the fresh chilly air come through.

Last week at my main school, I passed by some 3rd graders in the hallway on the way to the teachers’ cafeteria – “Oh, Teacher! Hello! I miss you! Good lunch-ee!” – and then one of them yelled back after they had passed by: “I think you every day!” Aww.

There is this one boy in my 3rd grade class at my small school; he is pretty low level, but he always tries to answer my questions. (He also always shouts his answers. I cannot seem to get him to lower his volume.) His enthusiasm and effort (and inadvertent humor) carry the class when we’re having a sleepy, apathetic sort of day. I always look forward to that class because I know that if nothing else, even if all the other kids just stare at me silently through a haze of sleepiness, he will try his best and make me laugh.

But this story isn’t actually about his enthusiasm. This week I went to his class and immediately looked for him, expecting his cheerful greeting – but as I started class I realized something was wrong. He sat with his head slightly bowed, not speaking a word. He wasn’t sleeping; he just wouldn’t look up or engage. Poor kid. At a moment when the other kids were practicing dialogue with a partner, I went and asked him if he was okay, but I don’t think he wanted to talk about it (even if one of us was fluent in the other’s language), so I let him be.

As we started playing the telepathy game that I described in Monday’s post, I saw my male co-teacher go over and sit down beside him (he didn’t have a partner; he was alone in the back row) and start writing answers on the whiteboard. Since it was my 3rd class with this co-teacher, he knew all the telepathy game answers and so he helped that kid start getting points. It was really sweet.

P.S. I added a new Archives page at the top. It was frustrating to me that the only way to skim through the archives on this blog was to click the month and scroll through all the posts. The new page links to each post by title. Yay!


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