update: i’m alive. uninspired, but alive.

I’ve lost my muse, seemingly.

(Edit: This would imply that I had one to begin with. I’m not so sure about that.)

I have a few post ideas/scraps saved in my drafts folder, but when I pull them up to try to flesh them out into real posts, I hit that dead-end feeling that reminds me of trying to turn a collection of sources and quotations into a 10-page research paper when I was in college… a.k.a. not something anyone’s going to do without that looming GPA hanging overhead.

Dramatic comparison? Yeah, I guess. This is a blog about my own life, for crying out loud. It shouldn’t be hard to find material, right?

It’s not that my life has become boring per se. A groove has certainly been established, though – and along with that, the feeling that anything I write is kind of a regurgitation of things I’ve already written.

(Even that last paragraph is a mere echo of what I said in my last post… which was almost a month ago. How pathetic of me.)

Anyway, here is the update from the past 4 weeks.

— The 2nd graders and I are getting along much better these days. Rapport has been established. Classes go much more smoothly now.

Today we were doing a category quiz for the key expression “What kind of _____ is it?” I showed this fine gentleman:


What a stud. Picture from Wikipedia.

and asked them, “What kind of music did he make?”

Me: “Bonus point if you know his name.”

Student: “Mozzarella!”

Showed this picture:



Me: “What kind of movie is it?”

Student: “Romance!”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Him: “Yes. Girl.”

(And now I will be deleting that image from my WordPress image gallery mighty quick. I watched that movie once. I slept with all the lights on for over a week, no joke. What can I say, I’m a delicate wimp.)

(Incidentally, though, the source for that image is from here – an article showing the child actress from The Ring, all grown up and decidedly unscary, on Instagram. So that’s nice.)


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