being productive


From the Simpsons Wiki page. Who knew that even existed.

I’ve been putting this little Homer picture in my PowerPoints lately, on the slides that introduce some activity or worksheet they don’t want to do. I told myself it was to motivate the kids, but then I realized it was actually to motivate myself. To be energetic about the boring activity they don’t want to do.

Today I woke up late. Thankfully that little awareness inside my sleeping brain woke me up before we had reached the crisis point – the point at which there is no time to do anything but throw on clothes and grab a taxi. Still, I wasn’t exactly looking my best when I ran out the door 25 minutes later.

And of course, I ended up being early anyway.

And of course, it turns out that I was the first person to arrive by several hours because the other teachers had a business trip of some kind, so even if I had been a minute or two late nobody would’ve been there to care.

And of course, it ended up being the day that all the teachers take pictures for the 3rd graders’ yearbook. Ai yi yi. Hopefully, since this is Korea, they’ll Photoshop my face to be all perfect and stuff.

Anyway, I had no classes today due to said business trip and some schedule rearranging. These days are usually a tossup: will I be productive with these hours of time at my desk, or will I hit brick wall after brick wall and get sidetracked with funny GIFs and YouTube videos that I want to show my kids? (And yeah, okay, Facebook.)

Buuuut today was fortunately one of the productive days. I aim to have at least one of these a week but as everyone probably knows, they just can’t be forced. They have to come organically.

It’s kind of fun when it does happen though. Just sucked into the zone of productivity for hours without needing a break or being tempted by social media.

This was a nothing post… no funny kid quotes or hilarious stupid thing I did to talk about. But I’m trying to get myself back in the habit of posting a bit more regularly, so I’m rapidly typing this post before I leave one school to attend an English teachers’ meeting for my other school. Oh boy!

I hope you are all having productive days as well.


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