the 1% decision

The decision I made (about a year ago now) to move halfway across the globe to live and teach English in Korea was agonizing. There was a constant back-in-forth in my head: Is it worth it? Will I regret this? How much will I miss out on if I go? But how much will I miss out on if I stay?

Then I remembered this quote from one of my favorite K-dramas, “I Hear Your Voice.” (Which you can totally watch for free here, just sayin’. Whoa that makes it sound like I’ll get paid if you click that link. I won’t. I promise. I’m just in the non-money-making business of spreading K-drama love around the world for the sheer personal satisfaction of getting other people addicted to them.)


Come on now, just look at that adorableness and tell me you don’t want to watch this drama. Image from dramabeans.

Anyway, the quote was from a character talking about making a difficult decision but choosing the one he knew was right. How? By falling back on this question:

Which decision will I regret even just 1% more?

Perhaps it’s a bit of a cold and callous way to decide things, but in a situation like mine it helped a lot. Because I was then able to realize that both outcomes (to go or to stay) would be filled with bittersweet regret one way or another, but that I would certainly regret the decision to stay in America at least 1% more.

At least 51% of me would regret that I lost a chance to experience another culture and to be an ESL teacher.

I’m not sure why, but putting a number on it helped me. Maybe because I typically make my decisions from an emotional place rather than a logical one (hey, I’m an ISFJ okay??).

And now here I am, 9 months after arriving on Korean soil, faced with the same decision but from the opposite end of things: stay or go? Within the next few weeks, the final decision must be made and the official contract or notice of withdrawal must be signed.

Which decision will I regret 1% more?

To be continued…


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