change is hard

original title: change sucks

but then i felt weird using the word “sucks” in a title, as if that’s somehow worse or different than using it in my actual post (it’s not)

i decline to say too much in this post

other than that change is really difficult for many of us, but particularly for someone as stubborn and “color within the lines”-oriented as me, and that i am facing a lot of it right now

and also

e e cummings must’ve had a great deal of fun typing like this

and putting line breaks any

where he pleased

poetic license

must be nice

if i ever become a poet i think i’ll give

up on the flowery stuff and

just emulate e e cummings

or perhaps

this is really more an

archy and mehitabel thing


who wouldn’t want to read the poetic thoughts of a cockroach. that’s my question


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