1 year of blogging!

And 1 year of Korean life.

I’ve surprised myself by not giving up on it.

The blog, that is.

I won’t give up on us, Korea. We’ve survived that weird rough “so you’re not perfect after all” phase after the honeymoon stage ends, so let’s keep going strong. But please do your part. Don’t bombard me with lung-hocking ajeosshis and jjim and mold and things of that nature. Love, Maddy

Anyway, technically my first post was Feb 28th, 2015… but today is Leap Day which didn’t even exist last year, so it still counts.

Just like this time last year, I’ve just moved in to a new place and am feeling great trepidation about beginning a new year of teaching Korean kids. (Like, did last year really happen? What subject do I teach again? Remind me how I got through all the last minute schedule changes and the stress of lesson planning? IS IT TIME FOR SUMMER VACATION YET?)

At least this year I didn’t get lost at night and almost die of exposure. That’s always a plus.

Korea Year 2 – 시작!


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