blogging because why not

So it’s Day 2 of official classes and apparently starting a fresh school year has put me in a fresh blogging mood. I’m 2 for 2 now.

Fridays are my peaceful days – just two classes, and it’s the only day of the week I don’t have class at 1st period.

9:35-10:20 – 3rd graders. I’m just utterly floored by  how they remain quiet and listen to my instructions. Such a stark contrast from last year’s 3rd graders from the nightmare realm (was going to say from the pits of hell but considering that they’re only 16 year olds, that seemed a bit harsh).

[Reminder: I am now teaching exclusively at what used to be my “small/travel school.” Some students at this school have family and behavioral issues, and most are simply not interested in academics, which makes teaching them a challenge at times. Last year I was only here 2 days a week. Given my experiences here last year, I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far at how my classes are going.]

1:00-1:45 (directly after lunch) – My first 1st grade class of the year. They’re very cute and bright, definitely more engaged than last year’s 1st graders (as far as I recall). This could also, of course, have something to do with my increased experience, confidence, and teacherly attitude compared to last year, and my co-teacher’s increased comfort level with the school and with co-teaching with me.

I’m really hopeful about this year. The number of unique classes (meaning different groups of students) I teach has been reduced from 37 to 18, and the number of students I teach from over 1,000 to just 350ish. There’s so much more I can do with this narrower focus – learn more names, perfect the details of each lesson, tailor activities to their needs, and really give this school everything I’ve got instead of splitting my energy and attention between two.

Now that I’ve finished classes for the day, I have about 2 hours to prep for next week. Not that I really need to since I already planned a couple weeks in advance during my deskwarming time prior to school starting. There’s a point at which you just get too far ahead in planning and lose motivation because the deadline is ages away. Hence the blogging, I suppose.

And the staring out the window at the fog and rain. The cold hasn’t been so biting lately, and the rain has put moisture back into the air. Maybe spring will come soon.


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