Why I love my job

Item 1. A 3rd grader approaches me in the hallway as I’m unlocking my classroom door. “Hello Maddy!” “Hi, how are you?” “I’m fine, thank you, and you?” “I’m good.”

He walks by, but doubles back a second later to hand me a mini Tootsie Pop.

Him: “Here.”

Me: “Really?”

Him: “Yes.”

Me: “Oh, thank you!”

Him: “Yes.”

He walks on.


Exhibit A.

I’m still trying to open the lock (the English Zone’s double glass doors don’t lock, so we have a flexible plastic bike lock style lock around the handles). He doubles back yet again.

Him: “Oh, help me?” (LOL at this because he obviously meant “Can I help you?” That or he decided to say what he believed to be my dialogue in this situation.)

Me: “Oh, okay! Can you do it?”

Him: “Okay, yes. Okay.”

[struggling for a few seconds, twisting the key around]

Him: “Okay, relax. Relax.”


He did manage to open the lock and was clearly very happy about that. I thanked him – not really for opening the lock but for making me laugh right at the start of my Monday morning.

p.s. this kid used to sleep through the entire class, every class. when i taught his class on thursday, he put in the greatest effort of any student there.

Item 2. I walk to lunch and am bombarded with “Oh, Maddy saem!” “Maddy Teach-uh!”

Item 3. At the end of the school day, a very low-level 2nd grader strolls into my office singing “Newspap-uh, newspap-uh, newspap-uh” and asks me, using his new key expression from the textbook, “Which-ee do you pruh-per, KIA Tigers or Samsung Lions?” (referring to two Korean baseball teams). He then recommended that I choose Lions because “Tigers, [thumbs down]. Lions, [thumbs up], good good.” Then he asked me to write my name under my choice. I guess it’s some homework project for one of the English teachers.

It’s true that a percentage of kids at this school do not try and give major attitude when I dare require them to practice their textbook dialogue, but the kids who do make this massive effort, even if they aren’t very advanced… they totally make up for it.


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