The kind of day…

… that involves this kind of school-wide message first thing in the morning:

What did you suddenly embarrassed Cool Messenger andoeseo? Sorry ㅠㅠ

The original version has been updated with the inevitable relationship too low.

Suddenly I gave that advanced would not say I’m sorry in advance ……

Existing messages will be retained. (If you’ll ever make us happy to contact you.)

He confirmed this message, please use the update as usual, it means that thing properly.

Once again suddenly sorry ㅠ _ ㅠ advanced point

… that you sit down at the end of and realize your whole body is throbbing, but now that you’re sitting down it’s an almost pleasant, slight-relief-of-pain sensation. Lying down would be even better. Bed, I miss you.

… that you don’t even feel guilty about eating one of the leftover fun size M&M packets that were kinda sorta meant for the kids. Hey, I bought them, so I can eat them, right? Chocolate is right there with breathing and sleep on Maslow’s hierarchy, right? Especially for teachers.



3 thoughts on “The kind of day…

    • Maddy says:

      I can usually understand what they mean. That one meant that the school messaging system had an update and the person was sorry for not telling everyone beforehand but to go ahead and update it because all our old inbox messages will still be there. But Google’s version is definitely better!

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