Is my school actually a cult

Because according to the school messages run through Google Translate, it is:

Once you receive payment requisition is printed regardless’ve even any director, manager who is close to God,
Time to leave this little (at least 2 to 3) sounds good indeed delivered us Print ~

I mean… okay, close to God, that’s fine…

It’s normal for the vice principal to send out funeral announcements for teachers in the area, but these sound strange…

Castle 0 kinds of teachers working in the school garden will be notified of the death of his father he hath (general public).
1. Funeral Home: Special dresser Hospital No. 101
2. to In: May 21, 2016 3:00 09
Chapter 3. paper: Youngcheon hogukwon
4. Contacts: 0 kinds of sex teacher (<– wut?)
Bakhuitak social Chairman (010-2738-2758)

It said the mother of binary facing teachers (English Department) who worked in Foshan High School Please note that hath passed away March 19.
1. The unit group: and the ranks (electronic announcements, PE)
2. Empty Place: Civil Awards funeral.
3. to person: Tues., March 22nd
4. Contact: Binary facing teachers (010-5417-1367)


Inform the window body. The current master club less than our entire school students. I will ask the Lord to cooperate aggregate. So a lot of the hassle is over …

Does this not sound cultish.

Now is the vice-principal business trip. God will be the overtime minutes (you go on business trips affairs manager 4:30.) Ask God affairs director to cast 4 ~

so wait, are we worshipping the Director? (who even is that?)

The principal has the right did you prepare for the Teacher’s Day ‘Will’
Enjoy it – did you send the minutes to bring his disciples bread ^^
It is the bread back one level in one room. ㅎㅎㅎ (<– this is the Korean version of “hehehe”… why are we so tickled about this bread?)

Disciples? is there something I should know, guys?

And this last one reads like a straight-up passage out of a cult’s holy book:

– >> General cleaning ask ~~
Especially in charge of a class suites do not often use the children he sent me a lot, thank you focus on cleaning.
I’m begging you please to better placement, because all children are given an hour to serve time, so that no child roles –
Have you there is insufficient anti-cleaning tool asks God songsukja Director, He gives us yet, as even one year shall not enter this year came because the cleaning tool.


p.s. no cultish elements in this one, but it’s just funny:

A state which is covered with a booklet reports on the toilet stool(<– um, what kind of stool are we talking about here?)
With literally dumped the trash went here.
Students often say this behavior in many bathroom.
It seems to require a map. (<– we need maps to use the bathroom?)
Homeroom teachers are using the map and gave it to the toilet, dump map, (<– a dump map? o.O) since these pictures are appreciated strongly so please come again stamped. (Vice Principal ask)
Use the ‘big smile’ paper cup and sip French Cafe Mix, please notification in the lab and gave the strawberry milk and slippers. (<– this sentence has apparently no relevance to any previous part of the message)
Thank you for your report to the responsible student. (<– you’re welcome)


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