Sunday sounds

I live in a very bustling little neighborhood.

On a relaxing Sunday like today, as I chill in my apartment, I hear a lovely cacophony of familiar neighbor sounds.

– First, the birds singing, which is still so awesome to me because last year there were zero birds around my almost-windowless, next-to-the-highway apartment.

– Then, since it’s Sunday, choral singing and piano playing for hours from the church directly next door (and by next door, I mean there’s maybe 10 feet between my bedroom wall and the church’s brick wall). The sound is so robust that it comes right through the brick and floats gently into my room. I love it. It’s happening right now as I type this.

– The thudding of a hammer and the growl of power tools from the carpenter’s shop which is adjacent to the church and hence about 10 feet away from my adjacent bedroom wall. Sometimes I have to shut the windows to block out the sawdust and the smell of wood varnish. Sometimes his most ferocious, 1-million-decibel (probably) tool makes me want to pull my hair out. But hey, he has to make a living too. Even on weekends.

– Children screaming and playing in the tiny couple of houses below and to the north of me, plus coming from the daycare/kindergarten center a bit further west.

– These days, some child in some building near me has been practicing his or her ocarina religiously. I most often hear it on weekend mornings (like today, when I woke up to it) and in the evenings, drifting into my windows and making me think of Link.


From the Zelda Wiki

– And tonight, maybe from 10 p.m. until midnight there will be raucous voices enjoying Sunday night with friends and alcohol at the barbecue restaurant just slightly north of the two tiny houses.

– And after that, maybe until 2 a.m., if I leave my window a little bit open for fresh air, the sound of the family who runs the barbecue restaurant scrubbing down their grills and cooking tools and chatting with each other will come floating up to my window.

Granted, when I’m stressed and tired, all of this sometimes makes me feel like this:

But more often, I just accept it and I’m like this:


+1000 points to you if you’re not immediately related to me and you know this movie.

Just kidding, I don’t creep on people. But it’s kind of nice to hear these sounds and feel the little community living their lives around me, in a Rear Window kind of way, sans murder (I hope). (And now, for those of you who didn’t know the answer to the GIF caption above, you know which movie to add to your watch list.)


One thought on “Sunday sounds

  1. Dad says:

    Hi Maddy! I enjoyed the Betty Boop and “Rear Window” stuff 🙂 Plus your descriptions of all the sounds and activity going on around your place. Nice!

    Liked by 1 person

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