happy june

here is the weather forecast for the next week in my area:


Why Maddy Teacher’s hair is frizzy and face is shiny, Exhibit A

I don’t understand how my co-teachers can be all:


When I’m all:


(The above is literally me on a daily basis. I have literally never seen a more accurate depiction of my reaction to hot weather. Every slightly fan-able thing I can get a hold of becomes a fan.)

But don’t worry, it will definitely get much much hotter in July and August.

Today was a good day, though.

It’s June, and just being able to say that makes The End of School feel so much closer. T-minus 32 days… but who’s counting? (oh yeah. everyone. even the principal, probably.)

My 2nd grade class on Wednesdays is simply the sweetest, pleasantest group of children I’ve ever encountered, especially for 2nd graders. No matter what time of day (for example, today our schedule changed from 1st period to 5th period, directly after lunch, typically a sleepy time period), no matter how hot it is (they’d been running around outside after lunch), no matter how tired and stressed they are (listening & speaking tests coming up the next two weeks), they show up with cheerful attitudes, a willingness to learn, and they somehow make even the dull stuff (textbook) fun. I want to pinch all their cheeks because they’re so cute. But that’d be weird, so I content myself with giving out as much candy as possible, because they are the one class that 100% deserves it 100% of the time.

Also, I wore what my students have apparently deemed “the Elsa dress” today, because there were multiple “Teacher is Elsa!” comments.

I mean, it’s the same color, but other than that…

I wouldn’t mind having some ice powers right about now, though.


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