Is this a school or a zoo

I kid.

But surely this thought runs through every teacher’s head from time to time.

We’re into Week 2, we’ve picked up speed, we’re diving into the textbooks.

This is only Day 6 and I’ve already come to that desperate stage of being tempted to eat all the candy I bought for the kids. In one sitting, possibly.

I decided to try out some new activities this week (and this semester), and the first has been getting the 2nd graders to brainstorm a ton of “Have you ever~?” questions in groups, then each group takes turns asking me one question. If I say “Yes, I have,” they get a point; “No, I haven’t,” no point. I change up the scoring (Yes = 0 pts, No = 3 pts / Yes = 5 pts, No = -5 pts, etc.) to keep it interesting, and then I have a student come to the front to answer the questions, and we rotate. The kids have been more interested and engaged than I thought they’d be.

Currently, an entire class of 2nd graders is “cleaning” my classroom. Half of them are belting out “Let It Go” at the top of their lungs and one boy is screeching like a hawk. Exactly like a hawk.

Hence the titular zoo comment.

… He came out through my office just now, looked at me and said, “Oh, loudly? Sorry.”

As I finish typing up all the “favorite things” surveys I collected last week, I find a strange entry under “Favorite Computer/Video Game”: “엄마가 내 게임을 숨겼다” – “Mom hid my games.” LOL. Sorry, kid.



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