Lists of 3

Reasons I haven’t blogged:

  1. I was having a rough week… repeatedly
  2. Everything I think of saying feels redundant
  3. Did I mention rough weeks?

Things I’ve learned (been reminded of?) in the last few weeks:

  1. Focus on that one student or class that remains sweet and attentive till the (bitter) end of the semester, and don’t stress about the ones that don’t
  2. You should probably just do that thing you don’t wanna do
  3. There IS light at the end of the tunnel

Abandoned titles in my Drafts folder:

  1. thankful
  2. Today was a good day.
  3. noobish mistakes in Korea

Reasons I’m blogging today:

  1. Yesterday was a good day. So was today.
  2. I haven’t posted in a month.
  3. Lists feel easier than posts.

Things that have happened since my last post:

  1. We got our cafeteria and old school lunch back (the difference between freshly cooked food and food that tastes like preservatives and is of questionable age and origin is tremendous, and does wonders for everyone’s mood)
  2. We had our first snow in Daegu, which lasted approximately 2.37 minutes; it has not returned
  3. I signed a renewal contract. My Korea saga isn’t finished yet!

Christmas-themed acrostic poems composed by my 14-yr-olds of varying English abilities today:


Only one
I eat
Delicious food. However,
Amazingly not delicious food
Y? Because my mother makes it.


And Rudolph make
A… very delicious meal


Snowy day
Not comes easy*
Wet if you touch it
Melt when sun come out
white person**

*This line is a reference to the fact that in Daegu, it barely ever snows.
**Please note the poem’s title so as not to misunderstand.

Things that have made me smile this week (so far):

  1. Chatting and playing strategic thinking games like Rummikub and Da Vinci Code with some of the 16-year-old girls for 2 hours on our last day of English Club.
  2. Surprise cancellations of some of my less-than-lovely classes
  3. Upon the sudden cancellation of an actually lovely class (perhaps my favorite… shhh), two boys vehemently protesting the cancellation: “No! Teacher, I want you English class! I want study English!”, and the rest making hearts over their heads with their arms and crying “Teacher, I love you!” as they rushed out of the classroom to their new destination (this is why you’re my favorites)

Things I’m looking forward to:

  1. The end of the school year! (Christmas is on Sunday, so there’s no Christmas break for us, but we finish school on the 28th)
  2. The start of my real vacation (after winter camp and winter ‘after-school’ class)
  3. Going home for a quick visit before Korea Year 3 begins