New Year, New Theme

I had no words left for 2016, really, so I just gave up.

But now it’s 2017 and we’re off to a promising start! I gave my blog the revamping I’ve been wanting to for a long time. I semi-hated my old theme because the posts felt so in-your-face and expansive, with no functionality for a proper sidebar even though there was tons of blank space on either side.

Now I’ve got the blog look and feel I’ve always dreamed of (or occasionally pondered, anyway).

I mean, just side-by-side screenshots of the old vs. the new clearly tells you which is the superior theme. Am I right? (just say I’m right)

I’ve also changed the fonts and now they’re much more to my liking. Heck, my header font is called Abril Fatface. You can’t get much better than that. I know the ‘face’ refers to ‘font face’ and the ‘fat’ refers to ‘bold,’ but come on, it’s a funny name.

I won’t say I’ve made any resolutions to blog more this year (because I haven’t), but 2017 is giving me positive vibes already, so let’s stay optimistic.

Happy New Year!


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