From the desk of a bored person.

Here I am deskwarming in the main teachers’ office again. The minute I stepped in at 8:20 a.m. on the dot it was as if I’d never left, like my whole week+ of vacation had never happened.

The same freezing cold office. Should’ve worn my scarf.

The same voices rising and falling around me as the VP and head teacher chat.

The same computer which is vastly inferior to the computer in my office, particularly due to the lack of browsers other than Internet Explorer and an apparent inability to download Chrome or Firefox.

The same lesson plans and PPTs that have sat ready on my USB for weeks now, since I finished preparing for the February interim week classes and my first-week-of-school classes ages ago. I have looked them over so many times that it nauseates me to even click the folders now.

Students come in to clean. They look older than just a month ago when we finished the school year. Maybe it’s their street clothes instead of the school uniforms. Or that all the girls are wearing bright lipstick and mascara (forbidden during the semester).

I estimate that I am 50% ready to see all of them again in the classroom. Good thing we have another month before the school year starts, because at this rate I should be 100% eager to greet their cute faces when the time comes.

(I realize that I’ll be facing them in the classroom in 2 days for the February interim week, but in my head I’m still pretending that isn’t happening okay?)

My sly glances at the computer of the teacher next to me tell me that she is just as bored as I am. I think she’s browsing clothing sites and stuff but she covers it with official-looking documents as soon as someone comes in the room. Now I feel an unspoken bond with her because I’m doing the same thing (except with my blog instead of clothing sites).

Deskwarming alone = tolerable, even nice in small doses. A room to myself to read, browse the internet, and be exactly as productive as I want/need to be.

Deskwarming with the vice principal and head teachers = very very mindnumbingly unfun.

My VP is cool though. Sometimes she says “bye” to me in English.

Also we ordered lunch from one of those we-have-every-Korean-food-you-can-imagine places and I got dolsot bibimbap (hot stone bowl mixed rice and vegetables; the stone bowl keeps cooking the rice so if you leave some to set onto the edges of the bowl, it gets all golden and crispy and delicious) which is one of my favorite Korean foods, so that’s cool.

In other news I’m considering changing my name’s spelling to Meddy since that’s essentially what my name is here. (The “æ” sound is nonexistent in Korean so they change it to a short “e”, the equivalent of 메디 in Hangul.) Okay not really gonna change it but I think it’s kind of cute.

That is all.



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