The comforting things

1.  The sound of someone else vacuuming. This is no doubt due to the countless nights growing up when I was snuggled cozily in bed listening to Mom vacuuming downstairs before I drifted off. Thus I feel irrationally safe and cozy when one of my apartment neighbors starts vacuuming and the sound drifts through the thin walls. (Which also means it doesn’t work when I’m the one who’s vacuuming. Too bad, right?)

2.  The crackles and pops in the quiet moments of an old black-and-white film (1930s-1950s). I just love this sound, again because it brings me back to childhood and weekend evenings spent watching old movies (expertly selected by Dad from his vast mental library of old movies) on the sofa with my family.

You can kind of hear the crackling in the background of this clip – actually, it’s not really the best example of what I mean, but I mostly chose it because it’s funny and I love this movie.

“Something horrible has happened!”

3.  The gentle spread of burning warmth after eating food with just the right level of spiciness. I enjoy eating spicy foods, but unlike the other items on this list, this love developed very recently, only since I came to Korea.

4.  When pain finally starts to subside. When you can feel the headache, the cramps, whatever it is creeping out of your body, the resulting not-pain brings a soothing lightness.

Everyone has their own list. What’s yours?*

*That’s the part where I pretend my blog has an actual following and audience participation. LOL.


7 thoughts on “The comforting things

  1. U.P.M. says:

    Yes, I think we all do have a list. Mine would include seeing the sing for “Tamarack Lane” just South of Tomahawk and finally feeling like I’m finally back Up North after a trip South, Getting back to a warm cabin after a winter hike through the woods, and sitting down with a brandy Old Fashioned (winter) or a Gin & Tonic (summer) after a hard day at work 🙂

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  2. U.P.M. says:

    Oops: “Sign” Arghhhhh…. OK, that entire comment was full of errors. I really should re-read things before I click “Post Comment”…..


  3. Jean Z. says:

    For me it’s smells. The smell of freshly cut grass, the smell of rain coming before it actually falls, and surprisingly the smell of fresh blacktop. That last one reminds me of my father patching and refreshing our childhood driveway in Milwaukee. 🙂

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