Fresh start

++ The rain came the night before last and brought clean, fresh air to Daegu for the first time in ages.

++ I know that I’m ready for school to start because I looked at the sea of students lined up in the auditorium today and didn’t feel exhausted. I felt excited.

++ Although today is the “first day of school,” no one has classes. It is Friday, after all, so it’s nice to push the actual start to Monday. Today is just about ceremonies, orientation and meetings.

++ I’m finally back in my own office instead of the shared main office with a bunch of other people, so I get to work and/or refuel in absolute peace. (My office-mate is a part-time teacher, so she’ll only be here Tues/Thurs.)

++ The two 2nd graders who’ve been assigned to clean my office and classroom this semester are good kids with cheerful attitudes, and not the kind who will pretend not to understand me if I ask them to sweep the classroom floor and take out the trash. Small things like this can make such a huge difference.

++ A now-3rd-grade girl came to see me, crying “Teacher, long time no see! I love you!” She hugged me, which was a surprise because a lot of students are too shy to do that.

++ I’m ready. Bring on Monday!


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