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March 2018

The first day (for the 4th time)

Fresh start

February 2018

Bustling, Hustling

The perils of staycations (as told by an anxious person)

November 2017


Another week slips by

I hate the sun & other tales from the week

October 2017

Semester 2, Part 2

September 2017

Let the holiday begin


Just another Friday


Goodbye, hello

August 2017

It happened

Small victories

Just an average day at a Korean middle school

Saying goodbye with raw fish


June 2017

It’s Friday

May 2017

Today was a good day.

It’s *that* time in the semester

Third year’s the charm: Reflecting on culture shock and expat life in Korea

A little middle school humor

Beauty and Korea

The comforting things

an interview with myself

For my parents

March 2017



February 2017

here today, gone tomorrow

January 2017

From the desk of a bored person.

5 things I can’t wait to do when I visit America


Noobish mistakes in Korea

A Musical Profile

On the embracing of music and the acceptance of irrationality

Yeongju Festival

uncollected thoughts

Korea Level 2: CLEARED

New Year, New Theme

December 2016

Lists of 3

November 2016

hello, fall

bright spots on a gloomy monday

Before Korea, after Korea

October 2016

Lovely days

Have introverts overcorrected?

Classroom woes


i’m alive and stuff.

August 2016

Reverse SAD

Is this a school or a zoo

And so it begins

Fears (and also 1 exciting thing)

July 2016

End of the semester

More ESL Activities

Sighs of relief (+ ESL speaking games)

closing out the week

Owning the label

Things that still throw me off (re: English communication in Korea)

week in the life of a hypochondriac

A week of posts?

monsoon season

June 2016

I have a problem.

friday, again

a flurry of speaking tests

happy june

May 2016

suddenly, summer

Pleasant surprises

almost Friday

The cute and the crazy

Sunday sounds

Is my school actually a cult

April 2016

living alone vs. living isolated


Fresh perspective

uncomposed thoughts

not dead but lethargic

March 2016

building up

The kind of day…

Nothing in particular

Sharing culture

Ode to a Neighbor

Battery: 0%

Dear Thursday, I hate you. (a rant)

아이고! Lost in translation

Why I love my job


blogging because why not

blogging because stress

Here we go

February 2016



don’t we love surprises

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Getting some perspective on life in Korea

Hweshik (회식): Redemption Round

i’m a sad human icicle

vacations are wonderful things

January 2016

having adventures before 9 a.m.

Recipe for (almost) disaster

December 2015

2015 blog stats report

new year’s eve and statistics

emotional rollercoasters

The principal

On 회식 and other matters, again

I’m not feeling risky

internet explorer is an abomination

strange aloneish thoughts in crowded places

change is hard


November 2015


today is…

an updated day in the life

the 1% decision

being productive

update: i’m alive. uninspired, but alive.

October 2015

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”

My crazy Class 10

Friday update

September 2015

Happy Chuseok!

Rainy days

Thoughts on a Monday afternoon (mostly related to music seemingly)

Musings during an open class

A dialogue with my cleaning crew

Mondays don’t have to be dreadful

“Teacher, I am happy.”

O, Children

August 2015

Things I’ve heard this week

Is it Friday yet?

A day for the Milky Way and lovers’ tears

Back in the teaching zone

Strong women (and, teaching is not a solo sport)

I’m alive!

July 2015

Free talking

An amalgamation of deskwarming thoughts

Things to be happy about

K-drama Ratings

Fantastic K-drama websites

Keeping those desks cozy, part 2 (in which I brave the icy tundra)

On summer camps and the warming of desks

Thoughts while walking home

A heart divided

heart = broken

It’s hot. I’m bored. Here, have a GIF.

An addendum for my extroverts out there

Painful happiness (and K-pop)

Goodbyes and feeling human

Just 2 things

Personalityism (aka the rant of an introvert)


Take a minute…

June 2015

Quote of the Day

Teaching ESL in Korea: A Survival Guide

Happiness is…

GIF attack (Korean Men edition)

화이팅! (You can do it!)

MERS Scares

Art in short films

Speaking tests and feeling needed

Monday musings

착시 (Optical Illusions)

5 Things I Dislike about Korea

5 Things I Love about Korea

ESL fun with songs and music videos

Three months in

Diagnosis: Monday Blues. Prescription: The cute side of YouTube

May 2015

Sluggishness and guilt trips

The struggle is real

Weekly Wrap-up

One of those mornings

Little Gifts

On language barriers

K-pop Artist of the Week: NU’EST

Without fear there can be no courage

I love my job

Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Just a typical Monday

K-pop Artist of the Week: VIXX

On being an introverted ESL teacher in Korea

Zest for life

Back into the swing of things

“Improbable beautiful and afraid of nothing”

K-pop Artist of the Week: 2NE1

The joy of GIFs

happy feelings

April 2015

Loving my 3rd graders

Pre-class jitters

On the upswing

heartache, tears, and new beginnings

K-pop Artist of the Week: Boyfriend

Midterms and Deskwarming

My cup runneth over

More happy things

Droopy eyelids and other problems

One quarter of a century

Week in Review

Things that make a teacher’s heart happy

All in a day’s work

Spirits lifting

Life is what you make it

stream of consciousness

K-pop Artist of the Week: Big Bang

Learning what works

Highs and Lows

More things that make me happy

Life is Hectic

K-pop Artist of the Week: Orange Caramel

Snapshots of Life in Daegu

March 2015

A Whirlwind of Activity

K-pop Artist of the Week: JJCC

Weekly Update

How can your day be bad…

The difference a month makes

Tales from the Classroom

Day brighteners

Works like a charm

K-pop Artist of the Week: SHINee

Korean food and foreigners

Doubts and Insecurities

When is an encounter with foreign cops a good thing?

Bruno Mars and guilt and surprises (oh my!)

A Day in the Life

Moments from today

On 회식 and other matters

K-pop Artist of the Week: Super Junior

On K-pop

Catholic Mass in Korea

Putting Down Roots

Bits and Pieces of my Week

The Most Dreaded Part of my Morning

Music to my ears

Invisible Neighbors

Korean Technological Wizardry (or, the Korean pace of life)

Weird Things

Kid quote(s) of the day (4)

The Korean Surprise

Kid quote of the day (3)

These Streets


It’s Korea… be ready for anything!

End of the First Week

What is student life like in Korea?

Things that made me smile today

Adjusting to Korean Norms

Heard in the hallways

Kid quote of the day (2)

The Second Day

Kid quote of the day (1)

The First Day

the cultural differences you don’t think about

February 2015

Getting Lost in Korea (Literally)

EPIK Orientation: A Collection of Thoughts

An Introduction


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